Advantages disadvantages of promotional tools

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Advantages disadvantages of promotional tools

E-Business There they sit, on opposite sides of a room, eyeing each other with a quixotic mix of suspicion, resentment but also a little envy. Each takes a turn extolling their respective virtues. This show of self-promotion could take a while, for there are many virtues to cite.

The subliminal message — enthusiastic but slightly desperate -- has electrified the room: I'm much better than the alternative before you. This show of criticism could take a while, too, because drawbacks have a way of making any comparison look preferable.

As a small business owner, you may have seen this personification manifest itself in your marketing team, with some people lobbying you to invest in traditional marketing while others make the case for digital marketing. As you may have heard, entrepreneurs often hew to traditional marketing methods.

Since they enjoy long and storied track records, these methods are familiar to consumers. They also appear more manageable than the sometimes frenzied domain of digital media.

So it's no wonder you may be lining up on this side of the room. Besides, among your fellow small business owners, you'll have plenty of company. But following the pack is seldom the right course of action, especially because both marketing methods will require a significant investment of your time, resources and money.

This is why it behooves you to take a step back from the fray and evaluate: What is traditional marketing? What are the advantages of traditional marketing? What are the drawbacks of traditional marketing strategies?

What Is Traditional Marketing? But you really shouldn't. Your marketing team may not correct you, but think of marketing as including all the activities you must marshal to promote and sell your product or service; advertising is just one of these activities, and you must always pay for it.

If your team makes this faux pas, regain the upper hand by reminding them that they are referring to publicity, which will cost you staff time to produce but not to place. Defining traditional marketing methods depends on how far back in history you choose to go. Ancient Egyptians used papyrus to make posters to sell products and promote candidates, but the methods that bear closer resemblance to those recognized today were spawned by the Industrial Revolution, which lasted from the midth century to the early 20th century in the United States.

Consumers wanted to hear — and producers were eager to tell them — how such revolutionary goods and services such as the telephone, radio, car, airplane and a new energy source known as electricity could transform their lives.

This traditional concept of marketing endures, as do four marketing methods that arguably remain as popular as the automobile: Print especially newspapers and magazines. Broadcast especially radio and TV, which featured their first commercials in andrespectively.

Direct mail with one of the earliest and most beloved examples being the Sears catalog, whose debut issue was mailed to consumers in What Are the Advantages of Traditional Marketing? There is good reason small business owners rely on traditional marketing: When it's created and executed well, it can produce results.

The reasons have as much to do with the benefits the mediums offer as the sheer number of people who continue to gravitate to them: Numerous communication studies have underscored the influence of the printed word. At their best and depending on the sourcenewspapers and magazines are viewed as trustworthy and credible, often engendering intense loyalty among longtime readers.

Print also offers the advantages of providing a targeted audience at an affordable price. Daily newspaper circulation remained impressive inhitting 31 million for weekdays and 24 million for Sundays.

But these numbers are still down double digits from the year before as readers continue to be lured online. TV remains the dominant screen, followed by digital. The ability to reach a large audience has long been the primary advantage of TV and radio.

But attaining such reach can be elusive for many small business owners, who often cannot afford TV and radio spots. Local programming can be less expensive, but lower viewership numbers help explain why. The tradition lives on: A record number of U.

It helps that they may spend more time reviewing direct mail enjoying the ability to turn it over in their hands, often at the end of the day than online messages.Business Frameworks-MKT Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Element of the Promotional Mix.

Mix Element. Advantages. Disadvantages. Advertising. Good for building awareness. Effective at reaching a wide audience.

Repetition of main brand and product positioning helps build customer trust. Advantages. 1 – Long lasting. Due to the composition and thickness of inks used in screen printing, designs placed with this method can withstand far more stress than others without losing the quality of the print.

Understanding the pros and cons of marketing communication tools can help you to craft the ideal marketing strategy for your business and brands. Advertising The advantages of advertising have allowed it to remain the dominant form of marketing communication for decades.

Advantages of Recruiting Externally. As with any recruiting method, hiring from outside an organization instead of promoting from within the company carries both advantages and disadvantages. Promotional USB sticks or flash drives are more and more currently being second hand to the shipping and delivery of electronic programs, from applications and video games to tunes and artwork tasks.

Advantages disadvantages of promotional tools

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