An introduction to the history of the play darkfall

I imagine some people are not PVP centric maniacs, but the truth is they just don't know how much they actually love it. Tonight there is a full moon, after next server maintenance there is a teeeeny weeenie patch, which adds an extra room to a certain dungeon. Lucky person is going through their usual dungeon noticed that this normally concrete sealed door is open and simply finds a chest inside with some loot. Doesn't even have to be unique loot, could be as simple as mats or rares or scrolls.

An introduction to the history of the play darkfall

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An introduction to the history of the play darkfall

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I will be going pretty deep into the programming rabbit hole, so the intended audience is programmers and people that have a good understanding of systems design.

Ideally you should also understand the concept of game engines having a game loop that maintains a steady heartbeat.

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One run of the game loop is a tick. When we started working on Darkfall there were no mmo engines that could be licensed, or even engines that had been proven on the scale we needed for Darkfall, so on top of the craziness of wanting to make an mmo, we set out to make our own technology to run the game.

My role in the creation of Darkfall was being one of the co-founders of the company and a programmer. I also worked on the java-side of the animation logic, and lots of other game logic bits and pieces.

We had an excellent team working on Darkfall, and in my opinion we made great game from a technical standpoint. Even with the limited resources we had, we made an engine that could handle some of the largest pvp battles ever seen in an mmo.

Then Kjetil and I fleshed out more of the system.

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Eventually other people got involved in the design and it evolved. What we ended up with is something unique that I want to share with you. Darkfall is a massively multiplayer online mmo game with a strong focus on player-versus-player interaction.

One of the most popular forms of interaction within this genre is fighting, and Darkfall is aimed at encompassing this interest, amongst many others. Character progression within Darkfall is skill-based, which means that whatever activity you perform will improve your characters ability in that specific action.

Using your sword in combat increases the sword skill, letting loose a volley of arrows from your bow increases archery skills and so on.

This in itself differentiates Darkfall from most other current MMOs which tend to utilize a level-based model. Darkfall was conceived as Ultima Online on steroids, with more races, more skills and more content, but also more directed gameplay by embracing players natural urge to want to fight each other in games.

An introduction to the history of the play darkfall

Engine overview The engine that Darkfall sits on top is called Spenefett. It is a silly name, and one we chose because. We just thought it was funny.

Spenefett does not use a separate scripting language like lua. All the game logic is done in Java. Anything not core to the engine runs in Java. This splits the engine up nicely between engine core and gamelogic.

Darkfall by Dean Koontz

Modules and pipes We also split the engine into modules to minimize coupling. There are modules for physics, rendering, sound, network, gamelogic, gui, input, and the worldbuilder has its own module.

Darkfall module overview This separation is maintained by only allowing communication between modules through messages.The anatomy of an MMO – Behind the curtains of Darkfall Introduction I have previously written an article about the The making of Darkfall – One developer’s perspective where I talk about how we started our company and got from idea to finished game.

this will be the 3rd release based on the original Darkfall. there was also a release of the sequel; "Darkfall Unholy Wars" (which removed a lot of content from the game).

this is the first release of any of them which has a team with a competent vision of how to rearchitect the game.

which is why it came after all the others. As play starts, Nagast is in the middle of a large-scale slave rebellion led by an escaped mirdain called Cerulean. Thousands of slaves have fled from their owners to join Cerulean's army, which has already defeated two hastily assembled alfar task forces.

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By the light of the Ghost Moon, mahirim packs strike deep into enemy territory, plundering and killing without mercy. They vanish as quickly as they came, leaving devastation in .

Given their warlike, somewhat arrogant nature, and their long history as semi-nomadic raiders, it should not surprise anyone that the mahirim have few friends. They do, however, have a grudging respect for the equally warlike orks, who they see as strong and capable warriors.

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