Analyse the suns newspaper leading article essay

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Analyse the suns newspaper leading article essay

The European constitutional project had been just accepted also by nine other countries of the EU Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia and Sloveniaeither through referendum or by parliamentary decision.

Also during November and December,the Gallic country was global news, when the youths with no prospects, living in the ghettos surrounding each French city, discovered — maybe not intentionally — a new method of class struggle: The CPE law — later imposed without any previous negotiation by acting Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin — in the French National Assembly, was precisely the cure that the government sought to heal the cause of those disturbances; a cure that, as it is usually said, was worse than the illness, because it enforced the labour precariousness using the parliament's power.

Without that law, what is happening now is only a "tolerated" excess that the capitalist employers use to claim the right to subject millions of young and not so young people, to a state of continuous proletariatisation and uncertainty, depriving them of a job with prospect [5].

Analyse the suns newspaper leading article essay

France, a nation that carries in its genes the memory of the images of that indescribable May,has given the world an example again inby winning this arm-wrestling against the up-to-now charismatic De Villepin, and smashing in a few weeks his unstoppable way to the top, which could have taken him to the presidential chair in the next elections [6].

The Dark Side of the French Republic In a recent email to one of his mailing lists, the Belgian author Michel Collon expressed his surprise for the distorted opinions that the New York public has on France.

To answer this question we have to take into account that the global media, not only from the US but from all over the world, are Analyse the suns newspaper leading article essay by multinationals and have become the new missionaries of corporate capitalism [8,9].

Therefore, they transmit a fabricated image in favour of their own benefit, not the image of reality. The best way to guarantee that nothing changes in France is to present it before the opinion of the global audience as a country able to defeat neoliberal globalisation through street demonstrations, something that is rigorously false, but useful to improve the conscience of the antiglobal movement; meanwhile, the professional politicians and their corporate partners continue to crush the function of the social welfare state.

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But another very different thing is to believe that, in practice, their actions are more valuable — although they largely are; I wish we, the other westerners, were like them — rather than a hot towel over the aching cancerous skin of a sick person, good to alleviate the suffering but nothing more, because the only real hope of a cure would be the surgical extirpation of the tumour.

France, like almost all countries, is sick of capitalism and is not the defeat of the CPE law what will change the balance of the scale between rich and poor. In other words, laws and politicians are transitory, but the system remains.

Dominique de Villepin would probably cry and scream today, bitterly regretting his failure in the Munchian way Kalvellido has painted, but tomorrow his chair will be occupied by another colleague, just as dreadful, and there will be no real variation at all. The French Republic, as we all know, arose from a revolution whose main objective was to destroy feudalism in order to substitute it for the bourgeois regimen; this, unfortunately, cannot go unnoticed.

It continues to be the same republic that re-established slavery in Haiti, — where it had been previously abolished — so that the little Caribbean country had to conquer its independence at the cost of blood.


From any point of view slightly related to the principle of solidarity between human beings, the French Republic is an authentic ruin. From Robespierre to Chirac manners have evolved, not the essence. The bourgeois revolutionaries didn't want to improve the world, but just the prerogatives for their social class.

Neither does Chirac want to do so, nor even less Mitterrand, perfect representative of social democracy, which is a corruption of the socialist ideal that accepts capitalism and distorts the left concept, transforming it into a simple slogan to win useless elections.

The border dividing social injustice from the democratic redistribution of wealth was never in danger in France under either of them. Charles Trenet's Nostalgia As it usually happens, it is artists who have better captured the reality of the world where they lived or were born in.

Eisenstein and Pablo Picasso left us everlasting monuments that can be used to dialectically analyse the socio-economic conditions of their time. Sitemap

Although both are apparently insignificant who was the senseless person that labelled popular music as a minor form of art? And, except for a pure accompanying anecdote, it is a fallacy to include data of the author's biography in its analysis.

It is true that the great French chansonnier Charles Trenet [11], author of La Mer and Douce France — two of the most famous songs of all time in France —, came from a well-to-do family; his father was a notary, so, little Charles could have access to education during a particularly dreadful time for the humble classes in France.

Not in vain it has been said that nostalgia, with the uncritical thinking it provides, is a right wing feeling.

Analyse the suns newspaper leading article essay

Written in during the Vichy government, everything in Douce France — the way to school, the landscapes, the houses, the horizon — is seen through rose-coloured glasses. This is the voice of the French bourgeoisie: The France described in the bars of Douce France is a wonderful land, the Garden of Eden, the hallucinating idea that the French Republic government has of itself, its egomania and empty rhetoric on human rights, democracy, liberty, equality and fraternity.Online Library of Liberty.

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Bose wrote in a Bengali essay, Adrisya Alok (Invisible Light), Annandale asked him to analyse anthropometric measurements of Anglo-Indians in Calcutta and this led to his first scientific paper in During the course of these studies he.

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