Audit vs attestation vs assurance essay

Grunfeld and Robert A. If a few random spot checks demonstrated that the numbers were correct, it was not necessary to check the system of financial reporting. Even prior to Section however, auditors conducting the audit of very large corporations had difficulty conducting an adequate amount of random spot checks on which to base their audit.

Audit vs attestation vs assurance essay

Despite these similarities, there are a few differences between the two.

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The article the follows offers a clear explanation on both auditing and assurance and shows how they are similar and different to one another. Audit Auditing is the process of evaluating the accounting information presented in the financial statements of the organisation.

Auditing includes making sure that the financial reports are accurate, fairly presented, ethically prepared and whether the reports are in compliance with the accepted accounting principles and standards.

Auditing also applies to the financial records of individuals and is usually used for taxation purposes. Auditing reveals any misuse of funds, any dishonest business activities, misrepresentation in financial statements, embezzlement, etc.

There are internal audits and independent audits. Internal audits are conducted by the accountants within the organization. Internal audits can be conducted frequently to make sure that the financial records are in compliance with standards.

The auditing function can also be outsourced by the organisation to an individual entity specialised in this type of evaluation so that the firm may obtain an unbiased view of its financial statements. Assurance Assurance is the process of analysing and assessing processes, operations, procedures, etc.

Assurance is also used in the assessment of accounting information and financial records. In accounting, the main purpose of assurance is to check the accuracy of the accounting information and records and provide an assurance to all stakeholders that there are no red flags, misrepresentations or irregularities in the financial reports.

The aim of assurance is not to correct any issues that maybe found in the accounting records, but rather to confirm that the accounting records are in compliance with the various accounting standards and principles.

Assurance can also apply to other aspects such as to assess the procedures and processes followed in operations. In such a situation, the processes and systems will be closely observed, and an assurance will be provided as to whether the process is being conducted in a manner that brings out the optimum results.

What is the difference between Audit and Assurance? Assurance is the step that follows and audit. While an audit can be conducted internally by company accounts or externally by individual corporations, assurance is usually done by a professional auditing body or audit board.

Assurances usually follow an audit, because it is after the audit that the assurance will be provided that there are no misrepresentations or red flags in the accounting records.

Such an assurance is essential to stakeholders of the firm as this guarantees that true and fair information is provided for decision making.Introduction.

Audit vs attestation vs assurance essay

Prior to the enactment of Section of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of (the “Act”), auditors typically relied on random spot checks of transactions and account balances on which to base their audit opinion.

CPA Audit. STUDY. PLAY. Elements of the Audit Process. Internal Control: planning -> review + prelim eval -> tests of controls Review - Negative assurance, Moderate level of attestation risk, Disclaimer of opinion, Can be issued to general public Agreed-upon Procedures - Specified parties take responsibility for the sufficiency of the.

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The Auditing Standards Board promulgates Statements on Auditing Standards (SAS), Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) and Statements on Quality Control Standards (SQCS), and, as a part of its due process, releases Exposure Drafts of proposed standards.

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Defining Attestation, Auditing & Assurance | I.S. Partners, LLC