Customer service analysis of easyjet and ryanair tourism essay

Political factors reflect the political stability of the region where Easyjet is operating. Government guidance and assistance available to travel and tourism businesses. European Countries Collaboration and good relationship making EU politically stable.

Customer service analysis of easyjet and ryanair tourism essay

Oprational cost per seat excluding fuel: Easyjet Resources Sources from: Easyjet Annual Report, From the table above, the most important strategic resource of Easyjet is its brand image and some of the sub-brands developed under its mother brand of Easyjet. Easyjet is firmed to providing a high-quality training to ensure their business is under the safe operation, and the cultural and personal development will benefits to their customers.

During the year ofEasyjet Academy opened a 30, square foot training facility, which will contribute towards achieving the goal of existing business is as efficient as possible, both in the air and on the ground, and to strive to find ways to minimise its environmental impact in the future Easyjet Annual Report, On the other side, as can be seen from their financial resources, the Easyjet succeeds admirably in reducing their cost while the ridership has been increasing in Therefore, Easyjet is taking advantages of its resources, which makes its brand image hard to copy by other competitors.

The value chain analysis highlights those elements of the business that can be integrated or adjustment in order to achieve the overall goals of high margins, profitability and market share.

Porter’s Five Forces of the Airline Industry | Easyjet & Ryanair

Since the customer make a decision on travelling with Easyjet, the value chain of Easyjet has began to operate. Perceived a superior value chain system for sustaining its competitive advantage and indeed promoting the Easyjet itself into the airline market. Conclusion How sustainable is the strategic position?

Being one of the fastest growing carriers in Europe, Easyjet seems to have a lot of challenging. EasyJet has a very strong position in the market but still needs to sustain its strategy in the future.

In the first of all, the company is operating in a changing environment, which will affect it in different aspects. Looking back to the PEST analysis in part 2, those factors can affect the external environment of the company and its marketing plan process. It is important for Easyjet to pay attention on these issues with a strategy and also an emergency strategy for the changes that might occur.

Meanwhile, the customer satisfaction is the key for the successful of EasyJet and the company always needs to make changes based on customer demand in order to provide the best low cost airlines the Guardian, However, review the history of Easyjet, all previous staff problems are caused of salaries and wages dissatisfaction.

So, if the company still cut from the staff costs, it will surely lead to strikes and frustration in their operation. All in all, Easyjet has gotten a higher reputation than before because customers are more prices oriented nowadays.

Customer service analysis of easyjet and ryanair tourism essay

In this competitive airline industry, customers will focus more on decreasing their costs and budget when they get a plan for the outing. There do still exist enormous scopes for Easyjet to get a better operation in the future.

Firstly, the company still needs to invest more on staff training because the company still counts on their people to launch the more routes to expand their business. The company should apply appraisal programs and rewards for its employees Washington, Moreover, Easyjet should enlarge its target market and focus more on business travelers as potential customers.

Hence, Easyjet needs to expand its routes in big cities in Europe so that could attract more business customers to their destinations.

Furthermore, Easyjet should have a stronger advertisement campaign outside UK and Europe in order to increase its market share The Travel Magazine, Finally, in the area of value chain analysis, this is no doubt that Easyjet has already been doing what it thinks is useful to keep its brand reputation and service quality.

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However, The company still needs to maintain a high-quality brand name and achieve the efficiency of the supply chain management, especially during the economy depression-era.

In another words, Easyjet should also improve its services all the time to retain existing customers and attract more new ones. Easyjet plc Annual Report. Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Customer service analysis of easyjet and ryanair tourism essay

Marketing Teacher Bowman's Strategy Clock. Making Sense of Eight Competitive Positions.Government stability Political organisations (OPEC) Deregulation and Liberalization --> 'Open Skies Agreements' Cabotage regulations Aviation Taxes.

Annual Report of Easyjet Company Essay. The industry that the group operates is under major airlines and the company top five competitors are Ryanair Holdings PLC, Delta Air Lines Inc., United Continental Holdings, Singapore Airlines Ltd., and China Southern Airlines.

Despite the competitive market environment that the company is operating. THE IMPACT OF LOW COST CARRIERS IN EUROPE (Presented by Albania, Armenia,Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, service savings, operational savings and overhead savings.

(notably Ryanair and EasyJet) is liable to expose them to more of the head-to . Comparative Financial Analysis of Easyjet & Ryanair. Words Apr 22nd, Increased incomes make people quality, customer service and comfort conscious during flights.

EasyJet and Ryanair lag behind high fare airlines regarding More about Comparative Financial Analysis of Easyjet & Ryanair.

Comparative Analysis and Ratio Analysis of. Easyjet has some of the most productive employees in the business but they also has an impressive record on customer service and employee satisfaction.

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The airline delivers on basic customer expectations about on time arrivals, baggage delivery, ticketing and check-in with great smile as well as profit. EasyJet Essay Words | 3 Pages. Low Cost Carriers and their Impact on European Tourism (UK), when Ryanair and easyJet launched the low budget fl ight business, in and respectively.

The market penetration of LCCs has increased Low Cost Carriers and their Impact on European Tourism.

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