Gang rape in india essay

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Gang rape in india essay

Christian Persecution in India: The Real Story We have heard about what the Christians in India have called the persecutions against them.

However, there is much more to this story than we often hear, and there are certainly two sides to it. The Gang rape in india essay is a first-hand investigative article that relates what has really been going on with the Christians in India, much of which has been kept from the public.

This shows the duplicity in the Christian activities in India. The letter concluded by saying "that Christians in India today live in fear. Vajpayee and the Indian delegation, which had come to prod American businessmen to invest in India, a peaceful, pro-Western and democratic country.

I am born a Christian and I have had a strong Catholic education. I do believe that Christ was an incarnation of Pure Love and that His Presence still radiates in the world. I also believe there are human beings who sincerely try to incarnate the ideals of Jesus and that you can find today in India a few missionaries such as Father Ceyrac, a French Jesuit, who works mostly with lepers in Tamil Nadu who are incarnations of that Love, tending tirelessly to people, without trying to convert them.

But I have also lived for more than 30 years in India, I am married to an Indian, I have travelled the length and breadth of this country and I have evolved a love and an understanding of India, which few other foreign correspondents have because they are never posted long enough to start getting a real feeling of this vast and often baffling country nobody can claim to fully understand India.

And this is what I have to say about the "persecution" of Christians in India. Firstly, it is necessary to bring about a little bit of a historical flashback, which very few foreign correspondents and unfortunately also Indian journalists care to do, which would make for a more balanced view of the problem.

If ever there was persecution, it was of the Hindus at the hands of Christians, who were actually welcomed in this country, as they have been welcomed in no other place on this planet.

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Indeed, the first Christian community of the world, that of the Syrian Christians, was established in Kerala in the first century. They were able to live in peace and practice their religion freely, even imbibing some of the local Hindu customs, thereby breaking the Syrian Church in two.

When Vasco de Gama landed in Kerala inhe was generously received by the Zamorin, the Hindu king of Calicut, who granted him the right to establish warehouses for commerce. But once again, Hindu tolerance was exploited and the Portuguese wanted more and more.

InAlfonso de Albuquerque seized Goa, where he started a reign of terror, burning "heretics," crucifying Brahmins, using false theories to forcibly convert the lower castes, razing temples to build churches upon them and encouraging his soldiers to take Indian mistresses.

Indeed, the Portuguese perpetrated here some of the worst atrocities ever committed in Asia by Christianity upon another religion. Ultimately, the Portuguese had to be kicked out of India, when all other colonisers had already left.

British missionaries in India were always supporters of colonialism. They encouraged it and their whole structure was based on "the good Western civilized world being brought to the Pagans.

And it is in this way that the British allowed entire chunks of territories in the East, where lived tribals, whose poverty and simplicity made them easy prey to be converted to Christianity. By doing so, the Christian missionaries cut a people from their roots and tradition, made them look westwards towards a culture and a way of life which was not theirs.

And the result is there today for everyone to see: It should also be said that many of the eastern separatist movements have been covertly encouraged by Christian missionaries on the ground that "tribals were there before the 'Aryan Hindus' invaded India and imposed Hinduism upon them. Aryanism is a synonym of Vedic culture.

Secondly, Christianity has always striven on the myth of persecution, which in turn bred "martyrs" and saints, indispensable to the propagation of Christianity.

But it is little known, for instance, that the first "saints" of Christianity, "martyred" in Rome, a highly refined civilization which had evolved a remarkable system of gods and goddesses, derived from Hindu mythology via the Greeks, were actually killed a normal practice in those days while bullying peaceful Romans to embrace the "true" religion, in the same way that later Christian missionaries will browbeat "heathen" Hindus, adoring many gods into believing that Jesus was the only "true" god.

Now to come to the recent cases of persecution of Christians in India at the hands of Hindu groups.Rape in India Brittany Jones As a woman in the United States, rape is the ultimate nightmare, but to women in India it’s everyday life.

Essay about Rape in India Just about four months ago in December, a twenty three year old student was gang raped on a moving bus and later died in New Delhi, India.

Gang rape in india essay

This attack led to the breakout of. May 05,  · India's Supreme Court upholds the sentences of four men convicted of a gang rape that shocked India and attracted worldwide attention. Hi my name is Sandra and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you.

I discovered your Mumbai was formed by uniting seven islands – I See India . Jan 08,  · THIRTY-TWO years ago, when I was 17 and living in Bombay, I was gang raped and nearly killed. Three years later, outraged at the silence and misconceptions around rape, I wrote a fiery essay .

Gang Rape in India Essay Sample. A 29 years old woman had been raped by a bus driver, a bus conductor and 5 other men in the north India State of Punjab, in an incident that recalls the recent attack in Delhi of a student on a moving vehicle and thrown bleeding onto .

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