Harvard law school thesis

It is expected that these students will be strong candidates for teaching posts at law schools and in arts and sciences programs, as well as for other positions in law and academia. Once admitted to both schools, students must submit a proposed Plan of Study to the coordinated program no later than October 1 of the academic year following admission to both schools.

Harvard law school thesis


Thoughts on Legal Citation By: Jennifer Allison - August 6th, Filed under: There have been moments of love and moments of hate, but mostly, as someone who appreciates order, structure, and rules, love.

As a legal reference librarian, my interest in legal citation is more research-focused than anything. There are few things that make my heart soar more than a work of legal scholarship that includes carefully drafted and correct citations to the sources referenced so that readers can find those sources with minimum pain and maximum efficiency.

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However, legal citation has several purposes beyond just making it easier for researchers to find stuff. This part of the article made me re-think this issue myself. When I taught substantive U. I also, for the sake of brevity, removed citations from those cases. Looking back, I wish I had done more with Bluebook and legal citation with my German students.

I believe it would have helped them understand our legal system better, and it also would have helped them with their future forays into the world of U. Speaking of teaching legal citation to non-U.

Harvard law school thesis

My own experience as a foreign student contributes to my thinking on this issue as well. Germany does not have an equivalent to the Bluebook citation system, or really any standardized system of legal citation at all as far as I know.

When I was writing my LL.

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Below is a picture of footnotes from my German LL. The sources cited here are, in order: Of course I did not notice until this very moment that footnote 49 should end in a period and not a semi-colon.

I guess I know now for sure that I did not get everything right. In these and all the footnotes in my thesis, author-written works are basically cited in a shortened format because full-length citations are provided in the bibliography.

I was told by people who read my thesis that my use of footnotes and citation was, perhaps, more extensive than is the norm in German legal scholarship. But they knew that I am trained in U.

Anyway, I am very pleased to have seen an article in the legal literature about citation, and I hope this is a trend that continues. I agree with Professor Chew that this is an important area of legal education that, perhaps, should be considered in a different light than it has been in the past.

Finally, I would like to briefly mention a new citation guide that we recently received in the HLS Library collection:Thesis Title: “Walled In Law Student, Harvard Law School.

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Thesis Title: A War in Their Heart: The Pieds-Noir Rhetorical Construction of Identity After the Algerian War Read more about Caroline Trusty. Jessica Tueller. Class of , Latin American Studies J.

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