John miltons paradise lost who is the hero adam or satan

Satan is undoubtedly evil, corrupting humankind. And so in this context, he should always remain anti-hero with demeaning qualities that are unworthy of redemption. In this sense, even though other characters like Son of God, Adam, Angels, etc.

John miltons paradise lost who is the hero adam or satan

A Long Debate A good deal of critical discussion has centred around the question, who is the hero of Paradise Lost? Indeed, the complexity of the question is reflected in the widely divergent views that have been held.

John miltons paradise lost who is the hero adam or satan

A whole host of earlier and later critics—Dryden. Throughout the first three books the attention is fixed up on his proceedings.

Even after Adam and Eve are introduced, which is not till the fourth book, the main interest centres upon him; for they are passive—he is active, they are the subject of plots—he is the framer of them.

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They living on without any definite aim, are represented as falling from their happy state through weakness and in a sort of helpless predestined manner; while he is fixed to one subject, fertile in expedients, courageous in danger and on the whole, successful in his enterprise.

Or is he not! Before going into any hasty conclusions, let us examine the different viewpoints proposed by critics down the ages. Satan as the Hero of "Paradise Lost" This seems a quiet plausible view to some critics who have their own set of arguments.

No doubt in the first two books of the poem Satan is pictured as a magnificent, heroic figure. He is endowed with splendid qualities of head and heart which raise him about the level of other characters in the epic.

He is noble, selfless, enterprising, taking upon himself the responsibilities of bold and perilous leadership.

John miltons paradise lost who is the hero adam or satan

He is the uncompromising champion of liberty, defiant of God the tyrant. Moreover the traditional idea of the epic hero as a great warrior and leader lends support to Satan as the hero of the poem. But there are other considerations which are fatal to this theory. No doubt Satan appeals to human feelings as a great tragic character.

It is only the reading of the first two books of paradise lost that lends some colour to the theory. Thus it is that to the readers who do not go beyond the first two books of Paradise Lost, the title of Satan to the heroship of the poem seems to be undeniable.

But when the poem is read in its entirety, the conclusion is inescapable that Satan cannot be regarded as the hero of the epic.

Milton had a far different idea of the heroic. One should always remember that Milton was a Puritan. For a Puritan, anything flashy and glamorous is necessarily evil. After all, evil has to be attractive if it aims to tempt people away from goodness.

What is magnificent, glamorized and beautiful need not be good, desirable or heroic, especially if it is steeped in hypocrisy and deceit. Adam A second view is that Adam is the true hero of the epic.

It has it advocates in Dr. Johnson, Landor, Stopford Brooke and others. There is little doubt that Milton intended the poem to be an intensely human one. It is the "fall of man," as represented in the earliest ancestor of the human race.

Adam is the real subject-matter of the epic.Nov 06,  · Opening page of a illustrated edition of Paradise Lost by John Milton | Source.

The Hero of "Paradise Lost": A Long Debate. Clearly, Satan is the hero of Paradise Lost to call Adam the hero of Paradise Lost Reviews: 2.

Whether Satan can be called as the “Hero” or protagonist of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, has always been a struggle between moral/religious text as well as true literary interpretation.

Gabriel confronts Satan after his angels find Satan whispering to Eve in the Garden. Raphael - One of the archangels in Heaven, who acts as one of God’s messengers.

Raphael informs Adam of Satan’s plot to seduce them into sin, and also narrates the story of the fallen angels, as well as the fall of Satan.

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- Satan: The True Hero of Paradise Lost by Milton The identity of the true protagonist in Paradise Lost is a mystery. One would gather that Milton, a Puritan, would have no problem casting God as the hero, and Satan as the antagonist.

Different critics have different views on the hero of “PARADISE LOST”. Majority of the critics stand with Satan as the hero of “Paradise Lost”.

Others say for Adam. One suggests God and another Christ. According to a French critic, Milton himself is the hero of Paradise Lost.

First of all, we discuss Satan. He is very bold and brave warrior. Nov 06,  · “To regard Satan as the hero of Milton's epic is to stultify the poet's whole intention; if he is the hero then Paradise Lost is a bad poem, since Milton will have failed to express its meaning through the hero.” Moreover, Satan's heroic grandeur is not seen so much in action as it is seen in his timberdesignmag.coms: 2.

A Devil of a Problem: Satan as Hero in Paradise Lost