Oracle hyperion data relationship management web

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Oracle hyperion data relationship management web

What's New in Version A new Web client provides access to the complete feature set of a Data Relationship Management application through a Web browser. It combines the functionality previously available in the desktop client and the Web Publishing casual user client into a Web 2.

Presentation of data and access to features has been enriched to improve ease of use without compromising the power user experience of a desktop client. Unicode support allows the use of multi-byte character sets MBCS to handle multiple languages at the same time. Unicode support is available for user-defined metadata and data.

Internationalization of date and float data types based on a user's locale is also included. Role-based security controls access to data and Data Relationship Management features. Multiple roles can be assigned to a user, allowing them to perform certain higher-level functions without giving them complete higher-level access.

Security administration is now segregated from metadata administration to align with corporate policies that require this level of separation of duties. A new anonymous user role has been added to create tailored "read-only" views for different segments of casual business user audiences.

Multiple Applications, Single Server: Separate Data Relationship Management applications can operate on the same server to enable customers to physically segregate and independently manage different instances without requiring additional hardware or virtualization software.

Different business groups are able to administer the metadata and data within their own applications without any impact to any other application. Administrators can set up common connections to external network resources that can be shared by all users.

Centralized management of connections helps minimize maintenance of connectivity to network resources, particularly for migration scenarios across environments. Policy management and message protection are now available using Oracle Web Services Manager.

This includes certification for bit Windows operating systems as well as increased memory addressability on the application server. The Workflow Development Kit WDK enables the extended business user community to participate in master data governance processes via human workflows that allow them to create, modify, and approve changes prior to being applied to production data.

The WDK provides a flexible, standards-based foundation to assist with the creation and deployment of a workflow-oriented solution built on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. This information has been copied from Oracle Website.

Deploying and Configuring Data Relationship Management Web Service API

All credit goes to Oracle.l Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management must be installed by a user who is logged in as an administrator. l Intended host computers meet or exceed the minimum system requirements. What's New in Oracle Hyperion DRM. Virtual Nuggets Reply Data Relationship Management Web client is compliant with WCAG and Section accessibility requirements.

Metadata artifacts familiar to Oracle Data Relationship Management administrators may be reused or extended to enforce governance against these data policies as business. - Hyperion acquires Beatware (Data visualization for Web and Mobile Devices) - Hyperion acquired Decisioneering (Crystal Ball software).

Hyperion Master Data Management/Oracle Data Relationship Management; Hyperion Financial Reporting; Hyperion Web Analysis; Hyperion . Oracle currently markets DRM as part of it’s over all Master Data Management suite of Master Data Management tools.

It is the recommended tool of choice for organizing the financial views of financial chart of accounts, cost centers and legal entities that are then used to govern on-going financial management and consolidations for an enterprises.

Feb 03,  · *Oracle: This release of Data Relationship Management is accessible. The Data Relationship Management Web Client supports accessibility requirements for people with a wide range of disabilities.

The Data Relationship Management Web Client supports accessibility requirements for people with a wide range of disabilities. The next step would be installation of Oracle Data Relationship Management. Now, Oracle DRM is a separate installable and is not present in the Oracle Foundation downloads.

Also, it is available only for the Microsoft family and not for the Unix/Linux based systems.

Oracle hyperion data relationship management web
Oracle Data Relationship Management