Pera sa basura

This private beach is available to the public on daytrip visits and is accessible by boat and by land. The cove is also known for its beautiful limestone rock formations that form a unique cave famously known as Kwebang Lampas. It was the most enticing of them all and the only beach where I actually swam and lingered the longest. Perhaps it was because of my low expectations of finding something extra-ordinary here, or maybe I was just unprepared for the sight that was revealed when our boat made a sudden turn towards the cove most beaches here can be seen from afar as you approach them, but Puting Buhangin which is hidden by limestone cliffs at both ends cannot be seen until you round the corner.

Pera sa basura

May 6, at 2: They ran the underground business for years. Then came Mafia B which rose to dethrone Mafia A, with boss A dying of his wounds after the gunbattle. What should the son of boss A do with the inheritance?

"Pera sa Basura" | Entrepreneur Philippines

You can redeem wealth obtained illegally by putting it to good productive use. Any kind of Marcos inheritance is water under the bridge.

Time to stop all the cry baby shit. Wala kang mapapala da pahabol ng kayamanan ng ibang tao. Or do you prefer to keep dreaming? And Martial Law cruelty? And it seems freedom of speech is much more important to you than something fruitful like freedom from poverty.

Singapore represents the latter, believe it or not. What I am saying is true. Enjoy your pay from Malacanang, bitch.

May 10, at 2: After Marcos, everything started to go up and people stated to suffer more. Compare the Martial Law era compared to the present Aquino Administration. Traffic is bad, government services are bad, public transportation is bad, and everything the government do is just blame the previous administration and not doing anything.

Time to wake up and look at your surroundings. May 11, at Did you think it came from peoples taxes then?

Do you really know your history? Marcos was not yet a president even his father. Only aquinos are shouting that marcos wealth are ill-gotten.The Filipino language incorporated Spanish loanwords as a result of years of contact with the Spanish language.

In their review of a Pilipino-English dictionary, Llamzon and Thorpe () point out that 40% of word roots are of Spanish origin.

Pera sa basura

An example is the sentence below in which Spanish–derived words are in italics (original in parentheses). About Add GRP Featured Comment hall-of-famer. Former executive of the Far East Regional Office of a US-based multinational company living out of a suitcase covering the market from Tokyo to Mumbai to Melbourne, and all the countries within that triangle.

Ok lang naman po sana umattend ng mga trainings/seminars kasi for professional growth din kaso sana kung libre, sana walang babayaran, lalo na sa mga walang trabaho gaya namin fulltime mom sa bahay lang, walang sweldo, San kami kukuha ng pambayad sa trainings/seminars?

Pera sa basura

Sa ngayon, ang R2R bags ay hindi lang mabibili sa sikat na tindahan sa Pilipinas kundi pati na rin sa United Kingdom, Japan at New York. Totoo talaga ang ka­sabihang may pera sa basura.

Isa pang magandang halimbawa ang Oryspa, na . Jan 25,  · Actually, it's "MAY PERA SA BASURA" it means "THERE IS CASH FROM TRASH" it's a Tagalog phrase, our national language here in the Philippines.

some people here in the Philippines make use of useless materials and garbage and convert them into useful things that can be Resolved. pera sa basurahan notes ng 10, yen, yan ang natagpuan na halaga ng pera sa pasilidad ng isang waste treatment plant sa Iga, Mie Province.

Natagpuan ng mga empleyado ng mill ang malaking halaga ng pera na masisira na sana kasama ang mga recyclable waste.

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