Preparedness theory of phobia

Example Essays Pavlovian conditioning is basic to learning and is obviously a critical factor in the acquisition of phobias. This model assumes that all members of a species share a common set of reflexes, hard-wired responses to certain stimuli. These unconditional reflexes are critical to survival.

Preparedness theory of phobia

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There is truly something for everyone!The classical conditioning explanation of phobias, and the treatment of such conditions.

S. Baldwin This essay will outline and critically evaluate the classical conditioning explanation of how phobias are acquired. It will then discuss the influence the theory of classical conditioning has had on the treatments for phobic conditions.

Preparedness and Phobias Once upon a time there were 2 lions. They lived happily in their forest with all their other friends. Then one day t. Preparedness Theory. preparedness theory Seligmans preparedness theory of phobias implies that fear-relevant stimuli are contraprepared for Seligmans () classic article, Phobias and Preparedness, marked a break from traditional conditioning theories of the etiology of phobias.

A phobia of a dog is said to be a newer evolved phobia, because of the uprising of dog fighting (Kenneth,S,p). This theory can be disputed because there is a lack of concrete evidence to support it (Edmund, J and Bourne PH.D.

P). Difficulty: 1 Question ID: Page Reference: Topic: Causes of Anxiety Disorders Skill: Conceptual LO If phobias are learned quickly and easily, why are they so hard to extinguish? The preparedness model of phobic acquisition holds that phobias develop in response to a.

Preparedness theory of phobia

stimuli to which the person has had little exposure. b. The Learning Theory Explanation of a phobia Psychological explanations of phobias.. The learning theory argues that phobias are the result of classical conditioning.

Once a phobic response has been established, the individual tries to avoid the feared situation/object.

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