Professional nursing organization aann essay

Why Join a Professional Nursing Organization? She is a registered nurse with experience with direct patient care and nursing management. Nancy has worked in an acute care hospital setting and in an independent school environment.

Professional nursing organization aann essay

The institution falls in the category of large metro hospitals because of its ability to accommodate seven hundred and fifty-nine beds. It is also, a general medical and surgical type of hospital.

Moreover, it holds Professional nursing organization aann essay thousand, three hundred and thirty-six doctors who work with the assistance of one thousand, three hundred and twenty-five nurses. Besides that, it is a teaching hospital, with a visit by ninety-four thousand, four hundred and seventy-two patients to the emergency room according to the statistics released late year Purpose of consultation I am a nursing consultant with the primary aim of discerning the changes necessary for the success of the Greenville Memorial Hospital.

To achieve such a task, I first needed to learn the situation of the organization, its structure regarding management and the extent of the nursing care nurses render to patients who visit the institution. In my research, I was also in need of help of a nurse leader who had to take me through the process of understanding the hospital better.

Through the discussion and interview, I learnt the running of the institution, from where I could draw a sound conclusion on the situation of the hospital and make relevant recommendations. The consultation mainly focused on the need for a change in the style of leadership.

In my opinion, it can be achieved through altering the procedure of hiring and recruitment.

Professional nursing organization aann essay

It is a general medical and surgical type of health institution. Due to its ability to hold more than seven hundred and fifty-nine beds, it has earned itself a place in the large metro category of hospitals. The leadership structure of Greenville Hospital System, as Friedell et al.

The hospital applies transformational leadership structure, which enables nursing leaders to make use of their vision, knowledge in clinical nursing, and the influence they have to help other nurses go through the process of transformation smoothly. At the top of the leadership structure is the Chief Nursing Officer, who gets the support of directors of nursing in the various units.

The member of the units, who are nurses, are responsible for effecting change and quality. Nurses in direct care and staff nurses play a significant role in improving outcomes through taking care of patients from their beds.

System-level councils are responsible for the communication between all the nursing staff levels. The system levels are also charged with the responsibility of reviewing and developing practice procedures and policies, which work with facts and evidence. They further transfer information and help project aimed at improving outcome, do the nursing research, support the retention and recruitment of staff, and cater for the education and upgrading of the staff Friedell et al.

Unit councils, on the other hand, are under the leadership of professional nurses.

Professional nursing organization aann essay

They play the major role of ensuring the care of the patients, and quality service. Their activities include discussing the quality statistics of specific units, the needs in education, and plans to improve the performance and further enhance the surrounding.

It has a variety of branches below it. The Nursing Clinical Practice Council, for instance, helps its members achieve personal and professional aspirations.

The council further streamlines meeting to ensure time consciousness during the review and revision of procedures and policies and kept the mailbox to take care of the clinical practice problems Friedell et al. However, in the recent years, plans are underway to make GHS part of a multi-regional health system that is relatively larger.

Such a structure, as the management argues, would be vital in enhancing flexibility to make it easy for inter-institutional relationships with its partners. The structure also aims at adapting to the changing nursing field. The new model provides for the creation of new operating units whose workings will be monitored centrally by a non-profitable organization Adams et al.

Consequently, this will call for alterations in the original units. Notably, though, the transition will be a challenging task, calling for the management to ask for time to reconstruct the unit to fit the new leadership and management Friedell et al.

Service area The service area of GHS is not only the areas around its location, but also most parts of the United States. To flesh out on this, the hospital has reached the highest possible ranking in the United States because of its exemplary performance in three categories and procedures used in the ranking of health and nursing institutions.

The size of GHS is a large metro with beds in excess of beds. Most precisely, it accommodates one thousand, two hundred and sixty-eight beds.

Greenville Memorial Hospital records an annual number of forty-two thousand, five hundred and seventy annual discharges of patients, and one hundred and sixty-four thousand, eight hundred and eighty-three emergency visits. Besides, it performs about thirty-seven thousand surgical procedures every year.

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It is a five-campus system of health institution. Above all, Greenville Hospital System does not work for the purpose of gaining profit.Below is an essay on "Value of Professional Organizations" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Being part of a professional nursing organization provides many benefits. This essay makes a conclusion that the essay deals with the subject of the analysis of the role of professional nursing organizations in maintaining the healthcare at the workplaces.

In this context, the professional, licensed nurses play a major role in making the . Professional Nursing Organization and Certification FormDirections: After completing your assignment, you mustcomplete this form and submit it to the form is expandable and will enlarge the textbox to accommodate your answers.

Nurses are highly accountable to patients, the public, employers, and the entire timberdesignmag.comsional Nursing Organization- AANN Essay influence how nurses think about themselves” (Creasia & Friberg, , p.

49)”. The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing: A Core Curriculum (7th Edition) This fundamental rehabilitation nursing resource is perfect for those new to rehab, those studying for . The National Association of Licensed Professional Nurses (NALPN) is the professional organization for licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses and practical/vocational nursing students in the United States.

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