Reflecting on this week linguistics essay

Alignment and Social Change In the context of research, alignment and social change will be important topics to return to as you prepare for the next courses in the research sequence and continue your development as a scholar-practitioner. Consider, for example, what criteria are used in your discipline to evaluate alignment of research components. And in what way will your future research contribute to your identity as scholar-practitioner who is dedicated to positive social change? For this Discussion, you will consider criteria for evaluating alignment among the various components of a research study.

Reflecting on this week linguistics essay

Rubrico Introduction Filipino -- the term used in both the and Philippine constitutions to designate as the "national language" of the Philippines, whether de jure or de facto, it matters not -- has come full-circle to prick the national consciousness and lay its vexing burden at the feet of our national planners, as well as of the academe.

For indeed, the past six decades since has seen "Pilipino" or "Filipino," its more acceptable twin tossed in the waves of controversies between the pros and and the antis as each camp fires off volleys of linguistic cognoscente or even garbage, as the case may be, while the vast majority watched with glee or boredom.

With a strong constitutional mandate to evolve, further develop, and enrich Filipino "on the basis of existing Philippine and other languages" Art. Rubrico,among others. Key Issue and Sub-issues But after more than 60 years, has Filipino truly metamorphosed into a Philippine national language?

What has been its "success stories"? What is its current state or condition in the present? What needs to be further done? What is in store for the future?

What are the development prospects of the other non-Tagalog languages of the Philippines for integration into Filipino?

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What are the pervasive influence of English or of other foreign languages on today's speakers? This paper is an indicative study of of Filipino's current lexicon, particularly borrowings from the English language --an ineluctable task, Reflecting on this week linguistics essay necessary nonetheless, if one has to face honestly the current phenomenon to be described more fully in this study.

Reflecting on this week linguistics essay

The researcher fully agrees with the observation that a national language can be a unifying concept of our continuing struggle against our colonizers Atienza,of freeing ourselves from our colonial mindset Maceda, Still, the illusory pitfalls Constatino, warned about in the development of the national language compendium can be cause for some soul-searching pause, even as others deny them Almario, with equal logic.

But if debates must continue, the let the "game" begin and may the best argument -as perceived by its arbiters.

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Language and culture are, after all, inseparable, with the people's lexicon mirroring their culture. The Corpus Virtually everyone agrees that media -print, radio, and television and now, cyberspace has had a profound influence on people, especially on their language.

The Filipino spoken today, especially by the young 35 years old and below is undeniably distinctive, to use a loose term, and may have been so influenced by media to a greater extent. This Filipino is spoken by a significant segment of the population and it warrants a linguistic inquiry.

Selected articles from Filipino tabloids and dailies, scholarly papers from the University of the Philippines Press, candid and structured interviews of college students, television news, sitcoms and talk shows, and radio programs in Metro Manila are some of the culled sources for the Filipino words, phrase, or sentences found in this study.

Filipino, Tagalog, and Cebuano words are arrayed for cognate purposes, with English juxtaposed as a meta- or reference language. The corpus is found at the end of this paper as Appendix.

The conclusion derived therefrom form the bulk of the recommendations of this researcher, particularly on the "key success variables" that could ensure the continuing development and metamorphosis of Filipino as the national language of the Philippines in the next century.

Historical Perspective The issue of our national language has been around for the past 60, or maybe even 90, years. The inhabitants of an archipelago with over a hundred languages need a common language with which they could communicate with each other and express themselves as a people of one nation.

The Constitution provides that, "the national language of the Philippines is Filipino. As it evolves, it shall be further developed and enriched on the basis oe existing Philippine and other languages.

Guerrero, its Chairman on Public Instruction who recognized the need for a common language for the Filipinos but who opted to adopt a foreign language instead of the native ones. Through him, the Philippine Assembly spoke, thus: Inthe ex-officio Secretary of Public Instruction, Mr.

Butte, addressing the Catholic Women'sLeague, encouraged the use of the vernacular as medium of instruction in the primary grades I to IV. It must be noted that Lope K.

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Gallego authored Bill No. In and the national language issue was discussed during the Consti- tutional Convention. The Institute was given a year to accomplish this.

Once the language is selected, the Institute is to prepare its grammar and dictionary within two years.

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Then it shall purify the language by weeding out the unnecessary foreign words, phrases, or other grammatical constructions, and enrich it through borrowing from the native languages and dialects, from Spanish, and from English --in that order.The National Language Institute was established on 13 November pursuant to Commonwealth Act No.

, and it was tasked with "the study of Philippine dialects in general for the purpose of evolving and adopting a common national language based on one of the existing native tongues.".

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Chapter 7: Language variation 1 Chapter 7 Language and variation Introduction The study of language variation is an important part of sociolinguistics, to the extent that it requires reference to social factors.

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