Selfishness for the love of others essay

Selfishness The only thing necessary to change heaven into hell -- if God were to allow it -- is selfishness. Selfishness is mankind's fundamental defect.

Selfishness for the love of others essay

Episode Transcript Intro Dayna Tortorici: Her first book, The Selfishness of Others: So my question for you: And then she starts talking about Franny and Zooey. What gives the book its extremely potent appeal is precisely that it is self-help copy: And earlier, she accuses Salinger of encouraging his readers to look for Christ in their date to the Yale game.

And especially those two essays. And we live our lives—or in my case, test our lives—against them.

Selfishness for the love of others essay

So I guess I want to point out that what Salinger actually says at the end of this book—and what Didion insults as looking for Christ in your date to the Yale game—is not that you want to find a confidence that has nothing to do with the audience.

He shifts it a little bit. You do it—and he and Franny both agree—you do it for the fat lady, right? And they both have these images of the fat lady, which their brother Seymour gave them, and we can deconstruct these images, critique them.

For both of them, the fat lady is an obviously poor, obese woman who has flies buzzing around her and listens to the radio all day. Salinger is bringing in the Christian idea that you do things to reach out to people who may be suffering.

Cowardice Dear Help Desk, You know those voices in your head that tell you to break up, even when everything is going perfectly in a relationship? For instance, I choose to leave my girlfriend. Is it fear of commitment cowardiceor is it that I think I can do better narcissism?

Or if I choose to stay, is that cowardice? Or is it narcissism? This was my situation, and I never came up with a satisfactory answer.

Thanks, Skull-fucked in Schenectady KD: I think this is a good question about the relationship between intellectual responsibility and emotional decisions.

I was researching this book on narcissism for a couple of years and reading many, many, many self-help sites advising people to run from narcissists. So I was trying to figure out why you picked these words and why you made these combinations: They remind me of certain stories that get told on those websites about what men and women do in straight relationships.

I think I can do better. And I think this also happens in same-sex relationships. You end up playing with them—switching roles and kind of shaking them up. So this is why I think your question about your intellectual responsibility is really good.

The self is a construct. Over and over again, you bring stuff to relationships, right? And you might start to notice what that stuff is. You can take an intellectual responsibility for that, for sort of tracking it, and for not imagining that that story is the way it is because of the other person.

Interruption Dear Help Desk, I have a friend—several friends, but one in particular—who has a habit of, in the first few moments we get a drink, launching into a monologue that will sometimes go on I tested this once for as long as forty-five minutes if she is not interrupted.

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And yet, this is the thing: I really like this friend. I care about her. She can be wildly generous in other ways. For example, she once took care of my cat for three months. I just want it to be more of a, you know, back and forth.Sharay Jones 06/25/ PHL Essay Paper 1 Rough Draft Self Interest Vs Selfishness "If people sometimes act for others, it is only because they think that it is in their own best interests to do so (David MacKinnon)”.

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“The Selfishness of Others is the strangest and most wonderful book I’ve read this year. It sees with visionary clarity in muddy waters. It sees with visionary clarity in muddy waters.

Love, hatred, the Internet, psychology, egotism―it plunges us into their mysteries/5(25). Selfishness is the closing of the door of service to others and the disallowing of others to serve us in love, while at the same time we attempt to serve ourselves or wrongfully exact service from others.

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Selfishness, putting ourselves in front of others, seems to be the norm nowadays. The simple things matter. Offering your seat to an elderly person, answering door . Essay on Theme of Selfishness in "Angels in America" sexuality and politics. Actually, they are all connected and related to the source of selfishness, because it just .

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