Single party kreis herford

The only battalion of Infantry Regiment 55 which up until then had been stationed in Herford was moved out in Obviously the government ordered for new barracks to be built, and the population in those days with their attitude on humanitarian and political issues neither had the foresight nor the essential selflessness to realise just what the presence of a garrison could mean to a medium sized town like Herford, both for economical and idealistic reasons.

Single party kreis herford

Single party kreis herford

Nazi Sites in the Rhineland Speyer The rathaus in and today. During the war, Speyer was the site of one of the first encounters between pilots and UFOs, or Foo Fighters as they were called at the time: In an encounter on November 27, over Speyer, pilots Henry Giblin and Walter Cleary reported a large orange light flying at mph about 1, feet above their fighter.

The radar station in the sector replied that there was nothing else there. Nevertheless, a subsequent malfunction in the plane's radar system forced it to return to base.

An official report was made - the first of its kind - which resulted in many jokes at the pilots' expense. After the 27 November encounter, pilots who saw the Foo Fighters decided not to include them in their flight reports.

The synagogue was desecrated by the Nazis in the Reichspogromnacht in and completely destroyed by a bomb attack in Trier thus became again a university town after years.

The Teacher Training Centre was opened in the summer of with the presence of Reich Minister of Education, Bernhard Rust, with a large, two-day celebration and a strong Nazi celebration.

Traces of Evil: Nazi Sites in the Rhineland

From September onwards, the city was not far from the front line, and was shot almost daily by American artillery. In Decemberthere were three heavy air raids on the Trier allies.

On December 19, thirty British Lancaster bombers dropped tons of explosive bombs across the city. Two days later on December 21,around Two days later, on December 23, tons of bombshell were dropped to the city.

According to research by the local researcher Adolf Welter, at least people died during these December attacks in Trier. Numerous buildings were damaged. During the war, houses were completely destroyed.

Single party kreis herford

On the evening of March 1,the task force Richardson started towards Trier. A clear full moon night offered favourable visibility.

Before midnight they reached the city.

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The fact that Herford was chosen as a location by the military authorities is down not least to the enthusiasm of the Lord Mayor, Friedrich Kleim who had been in office since 1 August upon recommendation by his ‘Gauleiter’ (head of a Nazi district) Dr Alfred Meyer.

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