The human rights violations in cuba

Work Privacy All these areas are all related to Cuban human rights topics in one way or another. Each of these topics can impact everyday life for the average Cuban citizen and the violation of human rights occurs prolifically within all of these categories. Within the country, political repression, censorship, restrictions of assembly, and a host of other unfair laws are still in play to this day. For example, those who disagree with the current politically governing party are prohibited from meeting in large groups.

The human rights violations in cuba

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. By Roque Planas Bloomberg via Getty Images A member of the Ladies in White, a group founded by partners and relatives of jailed dissidents, is led away by police officers hours before U.

Both the speech and the meeting will be closely followed by international human rights organizations and critics of Obama re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba.

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This is a government that has survived through repression. As a one-party communist state, Cuba often takes an authoritarian stance toward political opposition.

Just hours before Obama landed, the Cuban government detained some 50 opposition activists who had joined a peaceful weekly protest with the Ladies in White, a group founded in to rally against the jailing of government opponents. While Cuba has historically jailed many political opponents for terms of two decades or more, the Castro government has relied increasingly on short-term detentions in recent years.

The most recent estimate of political prisoners on the island by the Cuban Commission of Human Rights and National Reconciliation, released in July, identified some 60 prisoners of conscience in Cubaa list that included some armed rebels.

The human rights violations in cuba

At least two dozen of those on the list were convicted of nonviolent acts. International groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have also called on the Cuban government to allow visits from international monitors to investigate prison conditions.

It also agreed to allow these visits by these monitors, which have not happened yet. The Castro government places restrictions on speech and media in ways both large and small. Communists are very conservative. They want to ban everything involving pleasure.

Human Rights Hypocrisy: US Criticizes Cuba

In a more lofty example, filmmaker and playwright Juan Carlos Cremata saw his work blackballed by the government institutions after writing a play titled, "The King is Dying. The government interpreted the play as an insult to former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro.

The Cuban government acknowledges disagreements over human rights issues, but has traditionally pointed to state guarantees of free education, health care, housing and pensions as justification.

The Cuban government has its own claims against the U.

Bringing Cuban Human Rights Topics to the World's Attention | Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba

They have for years called on the U. Every year for roughly the last two decades, the United Nations has passed a resolution sponsored by Cuba calling for the U. Cuban state media also routinely runs stories criticizing civil rights issues in the United States and stories about its wars abroad, aimed in part at highlighting that the U.

The distaste for outside interference is shared by many Cubans, even when they have their own problems with the government.In February, Cuba's human rights record was assessed under the UN Universal Periodic Review. Cuba adopted some broad undertakings but rejected most of the recommendations relating to the protection and promotion of civil and political rights.

Cuba was re-elected to the Human Rights Council for another three-year term in May. CUBA HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY seek redress regarding prison conditions and procedural violations, such as CUBA 6 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for United States Department of State • Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

· Witnesses testified about human rights violations in Cuba.


Among the topics they addressed were treatment of dissidents and journalists, the Cuban justice system, and recent implementation of Cuba, with a population of approximately million, is a totalitarian state led by Raul Castro, who held the positions of chief of state, president of the council of state and council of ministers, and commander in chief of the Revolutionary Armed Hostility to religion is especially enflamed, with one human rights group counting 2, churches marked as “illegal” by the government last year, of them slated for the same fate as that of Rev.

Travieso’s. That group found a nearly 1,% increase in overall religious liberty violations from to  · Obama in Cuba under pressure to criticise human rights violations Dissidents call on US president to voice solidarity with those who have been silenced and detained under ‘totalitarian

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