War crime suspects hunted after jailbreak in kosovo

How Rabbis for Human Rights, which is certainly far more outspoken and frank than J Street, has been deemed kosher by so much of the Jewish establishment remains a mystery to me. Though I understood it all intellectually, I was not prepared for just how deeply committed to the survival of Zionism Peter Beinart is.

War crime suspects hunted after jailbreak in kosovo

Alih is facing charges of multiple murder for the deaths of Batalla, Abendan, and 18 others in a hostage-taking incident in Camp Cawa-Cawa, the regional headquarters of the Philippine Constabulary, in January He fled to Malaysia after a court ordered his arrest.

But inhe was arrested in that country for killing a Marine and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. On his return, Alih sought the forgiveness of the families of his victims.

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Under court procedures, the officer designated by the court to serve the warrant has up to 10 calendar days -- weekends included -- to carry out the task.

If the officer fails to do so, he is required to state the reason in a report to the court.

War crime suspects hunted after jailbreak in kosovo

De Castro said the people, not the politicians, should foremost be informed about the changes in the Constitution so that they could decide if they wanted it amended or not.

He noted that the problem right now was that the people were not aware of Charter change. As to cutting short his term and that of the President, De Castro indicated that he would stay in office untilsaying he has a mandate to serve the people.

But De Castro said he was open to the possibility of stepping down next year and becoming a member of parliament if the people would say so through a plebiscite. The four accused are part of the American contingent that participated in the drills.

He was quoted as saying that the Marines could stay under US custody for as long as they would attend the trial. Olongapo City Prosecutor Prudencio Jalandoni remains optimistic that the case against the US servicemen will be finished even before the expiration of the one-year deadline by which the trial should have been terminated, as provided under the VFA.

He said it was better that the controversy on the warrant of arrest had been resolved so that they could proceed with the other motions filed by the accused and preparations for the trial.

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The Olongapo prosecutors also filed a motion for reconsideration against the dismissal of the case against Filipino Timoteo Soriano Jr. Pangilinan insisted that those who are accused, regardless of color or nationality, must face the laws of the land, which would include arrest and detention.

Bayan Muna Representative Joel Virador suggested a "citizens' arrest" of the accused after the government's failure to assert jurisdiction over the Americans. Votingthe committee on constitutional amendments agreed on January 17, Tuesday to adopt its 36 pages of proposed Charter amendments and a page of transitory provisions containing the "no-election" scenario as an option.

The committee proposals also include: Now it has no-el as an option," Golez said in a text message when sought for his reaction. He said the "mysterious redrafting" of the proposed amendments from the previous 14 pages on Dec.

War crime suspects hunted after jailbreak in kosovo

Baterina said they were just leaving it to the people to decide if they wanted to hold the elections in The new set of proposed amendments in the Constitution came after opposition lawmakers rejected the recommendations of the Consultative Commission for Charter change, which President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo created.

One of the recommendations of the commission includes scrapping the elections and collapsing the Senate and the House into an interim parliament, which will also have incumbent local officials and Cabinet secretaries as members.

Under the interim parliament, which will operate until when the parliamentary form of government has been officially put in place, Arroyo will be head of state and of the government, according to the commission. But Golez said there was no bill or resolution or plenary referral that would merit the inclusion of the commission's report in the agenda of the committee.

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Is there a referral to the committee of their proposals? Cagayan de Oro Representative Constantino Jaraula, chairman of the committee said that after the commission submitted its report to the President on Dec. But Golez argued that the referral to the Speaker could not be considered as a referral of the House, saying it should be the plenary making the referral to committees.

Jaraula insisted that the committee could consider any issue related to previous referrals that were made to them. The debate ended with Makati Representative Teodoro Locsin proposing that the commission's report be recognized as "mere reference materials" unless a member of the House would adopt and recommend similar proposals.The house was "a hideout for crime, corruption, and a base for the plots of aggression and outrage," the statement said.

but the best steel is tempered and going white-hot in the moment diverts us from the aims of the war. Anyone who, after Sept. 11, still believed we were dealing with a rational enemy, should have been disabused of that. Members of India's elite crime unit were hunting three more suspects.

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